10 Of Hollywood Strangest Deaths

Read this: 13 Weird & Mysterious Hollywood Deaths Read this: 21 Annoying Things You Notice When You rewatch disney movies As An Adult Read this: 19 Reasons Your High School Bestie Is Basically The Only One Who Understands You Cataloged in [.]

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A recent list of weird deaths to keep you posted. A recent list of weird deaths to keep you posted.. 10 of the Weirdest Deaths. Posted on April 18, 2013 by Amanda Berton. Cateogory:. A bride fell to her death last August of 2012 in the Ouareau River, about 75 kilometres north of Montreal..

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These were some of the weirdest, most mysterious deaths that Hollywood has ever seen. Of course, there are a bunch of other people from the film industry and the music industry who sufferer strange and tragic ends, such as Amy Winehouse, George Reeves, Michael Jackson and several others, who passed before their time.

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We’ve covered plenty of unsolved deaths at Listverse before. Unfortunately, the world is as keen to offer misery as it is to withhold answers. There’s been no shortage of speculation around these 10 stories. However, the passage of time only serves to take us further away from events, and the.

When the bell rang at. Schaeffer’s death was a devastating personal loss for her parents, friends and other loved ones,

There is an inherent suck when losing a celebrity. It just always sucks. Whether you were a fan, or a casual observer of their existence, it’s yet another reminder of our own mortality. Then, there are those celebrity deaths that are so bizarre, that it’s another reason to lock the doors, and live inside the [.]

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Brittany Murphy (Nov. 10, 1977 — Dec. 20, 2009): The actress died after collapsing at her home in the Hollywood Hills from a combination of pneumonia, iron deficiency and (legal) drug.

As anyone who has seen Titanic knows, the scene in which Jack freezes to death in the ocean after getting Rose safely. with MTV News to promote his new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, DiCaprio.

Although there are many ways to die, these 25 Unusual Deaths That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head really take things to a whole new level! list25 consistently Conciliating Curiosity

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