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Bikepacking looks fun right! I have followed the iditarod and tour divide for a long time. I like cycling and mountain biking is great for getting away from traffic and people,just loose yourself.

Brian’s Tour Divide Q & A. My experience riding the NZ bikepacking events is that if you want to go fast the more time you spend on your bike the better. I’ve also discovered that riding my own pace rather than pacing off others is most efficient for me, so I’m in the steady state camp.

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This also was my second time riding in texas hill country and I’d do it again as a one week tour. My only real regret about the trip is I didn’t ride at all in the six months leading up to this trip..

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I did the Tour Divide Last summer. 28 days and change but old at 59. No way is someone going to put in 150 mile to 200 mile days on the TD training 100 miles a week. That is for the well trained rider. That is Ollie or JP mileage. My max day was 138 miles. Can you do it? Perhaps but give your self 30 plus days to do it and enjoy the ride.

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TOUR DIVIDE AND COLORADO TRAIL. For these two trails my bag set up was the same. The only difference was what was carried in them, and not which type of bags were used. arizona trail. Like with the Tour Divide and Colorado Trail I mostly just changed what bikepacking gear was carried inside my bags and also which bags held what.

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Most of us now know Josh Kato, the record holder for the Tour Divide. Now that winter is fading into spring, it’s time to talk Tour Divide again. This race is like a magnet drawing you back into the pain cave. With his third year of the Tour Divide on the horizon, we asked Josh a handful of questions about his experiences and his plans for 2016.