Funeral home accused of selling body parts, giving families concrete instead of ashes

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The business is under investigation by the FBI and has been accused of selling bodies or body parts without consent from the families.. funeral home that doubled as a human body parts broker.

There are about 20 funeral homes. morgues are another part of Russia’s funeral business. ,” says the owner of one funeral business. “Selling organs and.

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It was always the funeral home three day viewings followed by a church service and grave site service. Many, many years later a family member passed and was cremated. I thought it the oddest thing,

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It applies to anyone who offers to sell both funeral goods and funeral services. For example, it may not apply to a casket warehouse because it only sells caskets and does not sell funeral services.. If the relative does not give consent, the body should be buried at either the expense of the.

Colorado man hit with hammer during home invasion, police say A Colorado man was assaulted with a hammer before his car was stolen during a home invasion early Sunday, The Denver Post reported. Deputies with the adams county sheriff’s Office said the home.

Colorado shuts down funeral home that replaced loved ones ashes with cement and sold their body parts. (X-post from /r/news) ( ) submitted 1 year ago by cytheriandivinity to r/myfavoritemurder