Life and Death in the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky (Mongolia)

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Living in Mongolia. Mongolia: awe-inspiring, wild, and beautiful. The Land of the Eternal Blue Sky’ surely lives up to its name, with wide vistas across the untamed steppe stretching as far as the eye can see. mongolians embrace their culture of hospitality with gusto, so expect a warm welcome wherever you go while living in Mongolia.

As companies such as Rio Tinto Group, Mongolia. between life and a freezing death as annual temperatures average below zero degrees Celsius, the world’s coldest for a capital city. A cluster of.

Homer, the Greek poet, once called bodrum “the land of eternal blue” and from the EDITION, all eyes are on the quiet Aegean. The only thing that cuts through the stillness are the white lines left.

or black, hence, Kmt, or "Black Land". The color black. same way as the symbolic opposites of life and death. Some colors were interchangeable. While hair was often shown as black, it was sometimes.

The Eternal Sky was the most powerful and mighty of all forces and Chinngis Khan believed that he conquered with the Rule of Heaven – the supreme god of the Eternal Blue Sky. A combination of shamanistic and Buddhist belief remains to this day as an easy and unselfconscious part of Mongolian life.

Land of the Eternal Blue Sky Unspoiled and undisturbed, Mongolia is an unending countryside of rolling steppes and fenceless grasslands. It is perhaps best known as the home of Genghis Khan and the nucleus of his powerful empire, which stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the heart of Europe. The Mongolia I visited recently is much smaller than that once-feared empire.

 · This feeling continued the next afternoon during Mongolia trekking in the massive Yol Valley, a lush canyon seemingly cut-and-pasted into the most arid reaches of the country, and atop the “singing dunes” of Khongoryn Els the day after that, when the blinding cobalt of the Eternal Blue Sky ripped apart the morning clouds that had hovered above me during my 200-meter, nearly vertical.

In some ways, the pace of life slowed as a result and people turned again to books. You would wonder, down through the millennia have there been similar situations in history, where people moved back.