Original copy of treaty that ended Navajo imprisonment to be housed at tribe’s museum

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A page of the Navajo Treaty from the copy in the National Archives.. treaty with the U.S. government that ended several years of imprisonment and gave them the right to return to their. According to navajo nation museum director manuelito wheeler, the acquisition of the original document is remarkable.

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) – A 150-year-old document that allowed Navajos to return to their homeland in the Four Corners region where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet is destined for a.

A 150-year-old document that allowed Navajos to return to their homeland in the. meet is destined for a permanent home at the tribe's museum.

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. be the first tribe to possess an original copy of its treaty with the government.. Conditions at Bosque Redondo, where the Navajo were imprisoned alongside. marking the end of their imprisonment in New Mexico and making them the. Having a copy of this historic document in the tribe's museum will.

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